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A wiki is a collectively-built and owned knowledge base that allows for users to edit, correct and add information. Wikis are meant to be accessible and editable by their users to provide meaningful associations through searchable linked pages.

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/h-wiki-the-first-open-source-project-built-on-holochain/

This makes me so excited and thankful! So much gratitude for the what you have been up to @eduardo.moreira, @guillemcordoba and others! And for putting this piece together @bear. 🤸:ocean::sunflower:


Agree on all accounts, minus the claim ‘first open source project built on Holochain’ which is silly!


Agreed, I am keen to try this out as recently started using mediawiki on the freedombox I set up in the lounge so good timing but the ‘first open source’ thing seems superfluous, the fact it’s on holochain is the news.

You’re right Connor, sorry, my bad on the misrepresentation of it as the first open source project. What we’re trying to communicate is that it’s the first one to actively hold space for open source contribution, but, I may be wrong there as well, and would love to be corrected if so!

Thanks for hearing.
‘actively hold space’ seems hard to pin down. I do think the phrase “open source” itself contains a similar ambiguity. The very hard edged definition is that the source code is open and licensed permissively, then there’s whether the project team ‘practices open source’, which sounds more like the ‘actively holds space’.

I would still say that the 4 apps (to exclude the 5th “passthrough DNA”) that have put themselves up for compatibility, and listing, within Holoscape, are good examples of 4 “open source projects built on Holochain”. Even Holo has maintenance over two of those, but they’re still very much interesting projects, open source, built on Holochain, which I’m sure Holo would gladly receive help and collaboration on.
That is: Communities, Basic Chat, __holo.txt by @kristofer, and Acorn.

I’ve even made pull requests on the open source hp-admin HPOS/HoloFuel front end app myself.

From other personal experience, I’d like to think that with the limited resources we have (it’s usually the case with open source) we’ve done a good job of responding to issues, including interested persons, and we even have accepted a few pull requests from people who just spun up the code and started making changes, on the Acorn project.

There’s also Holo-REA, which isn’t a complete “hApp” in itself standalone, but that is a very ambitious, deeply open project being built on Holochain.
And while I’m recollecting things, I wonder what became of “MailBoox” project with @ViktorZaunders.

I’m sure there are only good intentions behind all this. But, I agree with @Connoropolous. I would very much describe holo.txt as an open source project. It is built mostly on the open foundation of Holochain, using open source libraries and sample code from collaborative efforts during one of the dev camps. The code is available at GitHub, it uses the MIT license and specifically invites contributions from the community. And so on. Open source.

Let’s call it a typo and forget it ever happened :slight_smile: I’m super happy to be part of the friendliest not crypto community online and intend to continue making positive contributions as much as time permits.

Cheers :unicorn:

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It’s been on the backburner, to many projects, always…

Updated the repo to work with the versions released in January in Lisbon, so it’s a solid foundation for anything “sharing” still

Thank you @kristofer and @Connoropolous for your generous understanding. Won’t happen again.

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Watch on #Periscope: Holochain Forum: H-wiki release #Holo #Holochain



well done! I would like to run h-wiki on my mac and help on further dev.
Starting holochain -c conductor-config.toml asks me for a passphrase on progenitor.key.
Do I need to generate my own key and if so, how can I do this? :sunflower:

nvm - found the solution - I created my own key and dna, replaced both in the config. Both in-memory and with persistence works for me.

Hi @vivaro ! Yes, actually that key is us preparing for holoscape release, to simulate much more real conditions. Your solution is the correct one! Create your own wiki clone with your address as progenitor, so that you control who can write pages. If you have more questions, do ask them!

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we tried to sync my h-wiki over public ip routing - the wiki mentions LAN - “should” routing over public ip work? What we did:

Laptop A: setup new progenitor.key, built dna, distributed dna to 2nd Laptop
Laptop A: runs sim2h_server
Laptop B: uses DNA created at Laptop A, uses dedicated key configured in toml, uses IP from Laptop A in [network] to route sim2h_server via Laptop A. No sim2h on Laptop B: running
Laptop B: created user but this is not being synced with Laptop A

Is the sequence correct or do you see any issues with that?

No, this should work… Are the two conductors being booted up, pointing to the same machine in the LAN network that’s running the sim2h_server, with different private keys but same dna?

What do you see in the conductors logs? Is it like a waterfall of information, or little info with something like “Connection closed”?

A uses sim2h_url = ‘ws://public-v4.sim2h.net:9000’
B uses sim2h_url pointing to A (as hinted in the wiki-back readme). Not via LAN but public-ip since both machines are not in the same LAN.
Both use the same DNA
A can reach the public sim2h

We could perform a LAN only test by now but unfort. yet the same results. Will provide info from the logs soon.

Mmm both nodes need to point to the same sim2h_server. In this case if they are not on the same lan you can point to the public one. Not sure what the Readme of the wiki refers to there, from B you don’t need to point to the first node but to the common sim2h_server.

All good, thanks for your hints. We now have a network running in Switzerland and Germany. Both worked: LAN with dedicated sim2h_server and public-ip routing with all using the public sim2_server.
This was a key achievement at our end - we now can produce some other zomes which we will share with the community once we are ready. Will take a while since we work part time only on this. Great work, thanks for your help which is very much appreciated!