H-Wiki Demo

Watch the H-Wiki demo from May 2020 here.


For those who have missed the demo - when will be the next demo?

How can community members help or see a demo in context to a real world use case?
For example:

  • Our World project has in depth documentation, could they leverage such a tool for Documentation? (contact @dellams).
  • HoloChainTutorials currently a work in progress, can they make a Tutorial Wiki with this? (contact @pauldaoust).

This shall inspire others in holochain community to support other peer hAPPS in the ecosystem.

What does team at EYSS think about an interview such that we can capture the essence behind your team’s journey i.e. Why Holochain, How did you go about Building this and last What is the Future of such application.

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I commented on the related Linkedin Post

Looks like I had to download the demo video.
Wiki for Web 3.0 can go beyond even federated Wiki.
Very encouraging development.

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Thank you very much, @carolyn!

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