Grinding attack on Notaries

I read that I have no control over who I send my data to (to what notary, in Holochain), as my data hash is random, and therefore my data will be sent to a random set of notaries. But what if I construct the following attack:

I create as many sybil identities as possible or adaptively corrupt a good number of real notaries.
Instead of immediately sending out my data, I grind through hashes until I get a hash that matches me with my controlled notaries.

I imagine this can be stopped if app validation rules make it so that, by the laws of chance, I have to grind through so many hashes to get n=0 on any honest notaries (for example the notaries checking data are always 300 random peers in a network of 50,000, and I have corrupted 10,000), that this ‘PoW’ like work of mine has a chance of succeeding that is so small that it would amount to breaking cryptography. Maybe this is not realistic.

However, what if I manage to grind through hashes so that I get to send my data to 270 corrupted notaries, and 30 are honest (some number where I control many notaries and a DDoS against the honest notaries becomes feasible). I DDoS the honest notaries so that they have a liveness break and get validated by the 270 corrupted validators?

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Yes. I had think of it and more, how to avoid this. How to increase number of validation. I even wrote an article, look on my profile.
But for this only case you said,
You need to register ten times more nodes, which is very hard and then do those hashes. But are you aware that this is already some kind of POW? Which is also very hard, conparing results get?

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And second question, who have interests to make warrants for who?
Bad agents to eliminate good agents? And remain without victims?
Or only good agents to eliminate bad ones?

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