Got a Error Message while trying Holoscape

Just dowloaded Holoscape at
And I got this error message

  • Using config path: /Users/Hubject/Library/Application Support/Holoscape-default/conductor-config.toml

  • Unlocking agent keys: Unlocking key for agent ‘Communities-agent’:

  • Reading keystore from /Users/Hubject/Library/Application Support/Holoscape-default/storage/HcScIYvA7DOk8sdenreikGWD4opkskrqrfH4a93f3R3TE6O6XsS8tCKOdtfcfta

  • Error while trying to boot from config: ConfigError(“Could not decrypt ‘primary_keybundle:sign_key’: ErrorGeneric(“Invalid SigningKey Blob Format: v0 != v1”)”)

  • holochain process terminated with exit code 0

There is a folder where Holoscape stores config files, and when I see that error, if I don’t have anything special that I’ve done in Holoscape and just have throwaway test data, then I just clear that folder.

Just open this folder on your computer: /Users/Hubject/Library/Application Support/Holoscape-default
and delete everything in it. Then restart Holoscape. I just had to do it today, and I’m on a mac, and it worked for me.

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Hi @Connoropolous, Thanks foor quick reply.
I’ve deleted the files …
… and Holoscape start normally now

Trying to install “Communities” hApps, but it ask for a Passphrase ! What Am I supossed to do at this stage ?

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Yeah I added an issue to holoscape github for that too. Its confusing. It is actually asking for you to create a password, the first time it asks that. You can just leave it empty then you won’t forget it. Just click through with it left empty.

If I create some content with holo.txt I do made a “backup” ? (or perhaps that “backup” does not make sense in a fully distributed context ?

Hmm… I haven’t checked out that app, but I’m guessing its just notetaking?

I would recommend taking some kind of approach to backing up what you might put in there yeah, because things with Holochain / Holoscape are still settling in terms of stability

Hi Connor,
Yes, I can understand that things are not very stable at this development stage, but (sorry, I’m not very technically skilled) how can I do a backup of all data from all hApps ?
I.e which directory to copy (I suppose) ?

No problem, of course.

(since it was mentioned earlier in the thread)
this would be the directory: /Users/Hubject/Library/Application Support/Holoscape-default

I could see there is 2 directories in “/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/”

  • Holoscape-default
  • holoscape

I suppose Holoscape-defaut is used when you start Holoscape for the very 1st time …
… and holoscape is used to store the data you create with hApps

So, I suppose (in order to make a backup ) that you need tou copy “/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/holoscape”

I am rigth ?

My notes :