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Get Eric on a podcast?

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts in this space, and there’s a lot of talk about fundamental technologies, tools and capacities we need to address the ‘meta-crisis’. I’ve suggested to Daniel Thorson from the Emerge Podcast to reach out to Eric or Art about Ceptr specifically.

The ideas of Ceptr are quite salient in the recent discussions on Emerge with the Neurohacker guys - Jordan Greenhall and Daniel Schmachtenberger - and John Vervaeke. Ceptr would be a breath of air for people wanting to see a concrete example of a (meta)psychotechnology that produces coherence/anti-rivalry, ‘sovereignty’ (in Greenhall’s sense), and takes biomimicry seriously.


Hi Marcus, this is a fantastic idea! If you are able to connect with Daniel directly, can you determine if we can coordinate something in advance? It would be helpful if Daniel can suggest a few dates for a podcast. And I can help see what’s possible/coordinate on our end, etc.