FYI the `v` is coming back to release tags

In the next holonix release 0.0.30 the release tags generated by the standard release scripts will start with a v

e.g. the tag won’t actually be 0.0.30 it will be v0.0.30

watch out for your URLs downstream if you’re consuming any binaries directly from github that come from these scripts

also note that to have the v appear in your project you need to be using holonix 0.0.30 or higher

@jmday FYI ^^ also note that v won’t appear in binaries from the holochain-rust repository until someone bumps the holonix version here

cc: @lucksus @zippy

also note that lib3h seems to have diverged from core in usage of holonix and both are behind latest

Thanks @thedavidmeister, I’ll make sure we are bumping to latest holonix for the next releases of both core and lib3h