FYI networking is broken in current holonix release

pin yourself to an older version if you need networking

see for examples on how to do that

the conductor is transitioning from a node based networking layer (n3h) to a rust one (lib3h)

the rust one is working towards a more scalable approach but is incomplete, the node one is less scalable but works at the scale it works at

the transition has introduced some changes to the interface between conductor/networking which lib3h is tracking but n3h is not

essentially n3h is deprecated, so it does what it does but isn’t receiving interface-refactor-scale updates at this point

we do releases most weeks so we’re also tracking this transition process across releases for better or worse

this means that in the short term the networking doesn’t work (until the rust networking implements it)

if you want bleeding edge conductor/hdk functionality and can work from a single conductor then go ahead with holonix 0.0.30+ but if you need multi-conductor functionality then use 0.0.29- for now

if this is a super-burning-issue for anyone let me know, maybe we can do something at the holonix layer to allow for version selection and/or decoupling of HDK/conductor etc.

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FYI @philipbeadle @dhtnetwork @zippy

Thanks for the heads up.

Im on 0.0.28-alpha1 for now.

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