FYI `hc-conductor-rust-*` commands were dropped from holonix

it happened here -

the reasoning:

  • these commands have always been problematic as they use cargo which doesn’t play nice with The Nix Way (mostly $PATH handling seems to cause confusion for someone no matter how we slice it)
  • yegor has an amazing nixified conductor cross compilation script happening for holoports that we want to ship into holonix for general consumption
  • at the time we expected to have this all nixified before the next holonix version would hit the conductor repo
  • we also had feedback from zome devs that, while these commands are ostensibly for developer/debug usage only, they run in release mode rather than debug, so should be reworked to fit this workflow better

what this means is that there’s no “off the shelf” script to recompile holochain conductor.

the immediate term solution is to run the cargo commands directly from inside a nix shell

install holochain (note this differs from the original command as there is no --release flag):

cargo build -p holochain && cargo install -f --path conductor

the hc binary is built in the same way and the command is available in the holochain-rust repo

if you drop into a nix shell from holochain-rust not holonix then you can run:


note this has the exact same issue with cargo and $PATH handling outside /nix/store but at least it is packaged in a binary

short term solution is that i’ll get a branch up against the conductor repo to re-instate the conductor install script

long term solution is that we get the nixified compilation process from yegor setup in holonix proper

FYI @philipbeadle

here’s that PR to pull them across into core (un)install conductor by thedavidmeister · Pull Request #1689 · holochain/holochain-rust · GitHub

any reviews welcome :slight_smile: