Future Computing Trends & Holo

The current computing trend that is rapidly expanding, and that is likely to become the norm in the coming years is to have computing done in the cloud and not on your personal device.

So instead of desktop computers, laptops, etc. with expensive and guady hardware installed within the devices, we are very likely to see a growing desire for simply buying fancy monitors and other devices, that do not contain costly hardware, to then utilize a compute stick that can turn that device into a smart device of it’s own. This removes the need for expensive and fancy hardware within devices on the edge and individual basis, however it strengthens our reliance on massive corporations like Google and others that own the cloud.

This brings me to my main question, is it possible to embed a form of Holo onto a compute stick so that end users can plug it into a basic monitor and run Holochain applications?

This would then distribute the entire computing ecosystem, as well as align directly with a vastly growing computing trend. Additionally, I could see a very strong market for people wanting this type of functionality and tech not only now but in the coming years.

What would I need to do to make this a reality?

If this is not possible, would it be possible to embed the Holo OS into a raspberry pi so that end users could simply create a do it yourself Holoport, if so what are the steps to achieve this?

Thanks for the future response! :blush:

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