Fungal patterning

A lot of how Holochain works is based on investigation into the nature of the cell.

Another great source of inspiration for how we can create useful networks can be the world of Fungi.

Now all you lucky north american folk have the opportunity to see this movie about this fascinating queendom way before I do. Go see it, I think you’ll like it :wink:


@nathanwaters might have something to say haha

Slime mould:

Any other particularly interesting structures you’re keen on?

Slime mould is amazing… it has memory that allows it to solve maze puzzles.

Rhizomes. (Ginger root) If you break a ginger root, it’s like a map… there is no starting point when reading a map. It has the property of decalcomania: a map is always unfinished and subject to revision.

If has “asignifying rupture” - it can be broken off at any point and can always start up again.

Rhizomes are more of a process than a thing.

A rhizome (or rootstalk) opposes hierarchies.


Victor, thanks for the great conversation and now I am going to follow your work!