Framasoft closes most of their services, a chance for Holochain?

As announced a few days ago Framasoft is closing most of their services. Could this be a change for Holochain apps to step in? Or to try at least to get in touch to see if their future plans are in line what Holochain could deliver?
Their basic intention was De-google-ify Internet.

So much of what Framasoft embodies as an organization alligns directly with Holochain. It would be foolish for the team not to at least reach out. It could be the start of something beautiful for all we know 🤷

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Hey Lucode,

This looks really interesting. If you could help increase the signal around where you see the possibilities as an entrant in the discussion that would be great. Frama has so many different 38 frickin services!!!, which is an impressive amount. If you could recommend a starting place for the conversation, or what of those projects you see as a fit would be really helpful as a place to start the discussion!

Are you at all connected to their community or to anyone on their team?

Thank you for bringing this up, and I’m excited to follow this thread!


I like the idea to contact ‘dead’ open-source projects. Maybe we should make a list of the projects that could be ported to a DHT-api?


Hi bear, unfortunately I don’t have a contact to Framasoft, they are mostly French people and the majority of their user base seems to be French too. The best way to deal with it, would ev. if a French Holochain developer would contact them.

I’m a french developer and I’m sure I can contact them and I’d love too… But to tell them what exactly ? :slight_smile:

Hi Lucas, I would just ask them if they have heard about Holochain yet and if it would make sense to migrate certain apps to holochain. As far I can see their ecosystem is quite diversified in term of code quality and technology. And the apps coming often from different foss sources. So in the end, eventually it does not make sense at all, or only a few apps are worth some efforts to migrate. If those worthy apps exist, it would be nice to inform those devs about the possibility to migrate and ask them about their opinion.

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In general I’m thinking about, that Holochain would best fit into a modular approach, where apps not only share their data storage DNA, but the UI, design patterns and other stuff too. That would allow something similar as the Odoo appstore, where the apps, in most cases, are interconnected. Using different apps on different platforms is the traditional SaaS business approach, but I think Holochain ecosystem should do better then this.

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Hey Y’all,

@lucas - I totally encourage you to reach out to them!

@lucode - I’m passing this along to a couple French community members, and since it seems like you’ve got a lot of context, I want to invite you to reach out (even if you’re not in French : ).

Thanks again for bringing this up!