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FOSDEM 2022 is coming up!

Holochain is co-hosting the Web3 room again at FOSDEM 2022. It would be great to see up-and-coming Holochain-projects give talks there!

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/fosdem-2022-is-coming-up/
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Just watching an rC3 session on decentralised social networking and basically the presenter’s describing what Holo/Holochain’s just been testing IRL! (in terms of ideals, not necessarily tech implementation details…)

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{in case anyone sees this and tunes in now, “Translated2” channel is English}


LOL… I’m sure “chess” was just mentioned too!

Here’s the link to their project:

…guess I’ve gone a bit off-topic, point of my reply was more highlighting another event that could be good to have some representation at next time round!