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Let’s kick start the Holochain ecosystem! I see alot of reads yet a small percentage of likes and posts. Forum participation is important to the health of the community. In the near future we will migrate to a Happ for these purposes, however in the meantime there could be fruit in engaging those who are interested and excited about the enormous power of Holochain…

If you read this topic and resonate with the words, then please click the heart :slight_smile:
Anyone willing to post relevant dialogue would be greatly appreciated! We are looking for people who would like to help grow the Holochain community (DM for info). We are hoping to find others to collaborate in ways that are constructive and synergistic. The more topics and healthy responses, the more value that we can bring to Holochain, as well as honor all the hardwork that the team is doing to develop this revolutionary and disruptive technology. There is a lot happening behind the scenes!

If you wish to see our global systems improve, if you are aligned with our mission to make significant impact on the world, if you are enthusiastic about transitioning from a broken systemic infrastructure that is not holistic or regenerative, into a harmonious way of living and functioning as a collective, then PLEASE participate on this forum.

Much love and many thanks to all of you light beings :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Well said, @pqcdev ! I tend to hang out in the HoloForum since I’m a non-tech person and a HoloHost. And, I do love learning about the various developing hApps, and am supporting a few with testing, crowdfunding donations, and good energy.

I also find it connective and educational to attend the London Meetups! I learn so much! Well worth going to, from anywhere in the world…since we are meeting virtually. Give it a go!

So, that’s my 2 cents. We’re going to have a GREAT year!



thanks MsAnita for your reply and vote of confidence!

On a side note, this post got flagged and I’m wondering why. @lucas.tauil please advise. perhaps it is someone unhappy with me…

To everyone reading this, I’m thinking that the best way to dilute those who seem keen on posting novels about material unrelated/harmful to Holochain is to continue to engage with topics that we wish to see on the top of the feed (ie gain traction, health etc)

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@pqcdev It is approved. Nothing to worry. Cheers!

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thank you everyone for your participation! keep it flowing :ocean:

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I’m interested in developing a cooperation hApp. Wondering if anyone has any ideas who or how I begin?

You could try putting together a more specific and detailed description of what you are interested in building, and writing a new forum post inviting support/collaboration to see if anyone is interested in joining you.

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Can you direct me to an example? I’ve got plenty of info.

Thanks for responding. I’ve been watching this space for some time with this in mind.