Forum Community Overview and Web4.0 Coop

It would be great to have an updated list with all forum members with brief bio, where from, technical tags, which active projects, why they are here.
The tags to be placed on the top or the side of the list and serve as filter.

I would like to get your feedback regarding the idea of creating a Web4.0 DLT projects cooperative and if you know weather any thing in this regards in creation?

Can you define Web 4.0? I thought Web 3.0 was the distributed web we are building.

Where Web 2.0 was about social media and writing content rather than only reading, Web 3.0 started with semantics, hashtags, AI, first DLT solutions … where web4.0 will move into oness, self-organized collective web ecology, Global Brain OS, with a real Butterfly effect, where any change of the web will be seen by all. I mostly like to combine web4.0 with 4th industrial revolution!
There are many explanations out there I find this is more clearing

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I read the article. Looks interesting but I think what he is calling web 4.0, others are calling web 3.0. Most I have seen refer to it as web 3.0.

Would the users fill the relevant data scheme then such an overview would be easily created. I recommend that in early stages before.