File-Storage Module

Hi everyone!

So within the community different projects need some sort of file-storage within the holochain DHT. We have built an initial version of the file-storage module in RSM here:

For now it’s only got basic functionality: a service to upload and download files, and an uploader element that supports drag and drop and handles everything automatically.

Keep in mind that for now the chunking of the files is done in the browser due to the message size limits that the holochain conductor currently enforces (16 MB). In the future this might change.

One of the purposes of building blocks is to have reusable and battle tested modules than can be imported with minimal effort. So contributions either with code or new ideas are strongly welcomed :smiley: !


Tagging @ddd-mtl @Connoropolous @pospi who might be interested in using this at some point.

I will be interested in using this for a few app ideas and cross chain ideas…Have you done any analysis on costs of storage on the chain? I know they are supposed to be low.

Mmm nope I haven’t, but what costs are you referring to exactly? Energy consumption wise?

This could be used in a wide range of hApps, from uploading profile pictures to full-scale storage hApps.

I was more thinking of Holofuel costs for Terra-byte storage sizes…

why go big when you can go small? Small is beautiful! :smile:

Thanks for all these groovy gifts. :heart: Mindblowingly great to have filestorage just available in apps like that. Kinda useful :laughing:

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Yes small is beautiful…I was more thinking of several thousand small files combining up to larger sizes.

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