Fiat / KYC

So with regards to HoloChain, I am presuming HoloChain will build an onramp feature such as Fiat currency. How will this be integrated into banks or even more so by having a fiat currency such as USD, AUD etc how will it fit into the KYC model if any?

Once example I came close to so far is Hydro Protocol, DDEX recently integrated to their platform. They now have USDT (Tether) option. Swicheo also have USDT option. I am just wondering though if we will go one step further and do a little more then offer USDT. I am just thinking out loud here.

Hi @danlewcom Holochain is simply the framework whereby people can build any apps/platforms to expand the ecosystem. Holochain does not have a token/coin to build such a feature.

Onramps could be built by third parties in the ecosystem. These would be great for projects in the ecosystem to consider.

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