Family DNA using Holoport as a full DHT backup

Holoport is going to be an option for people who do not want to install hApp. So it is going to install hApp and serve the requests and maintain the source-chain of each agent. that is clear.

How about if I would like to implement this scenario:

  • All my family members install a hApp.(like chat).
  • I will install that hApp on my Holoport.
  • I will configure hApp to see Holoport agent as a full DHT version.
  • All the entries of family member goes to Holoport.

In this scenario the Holoport is not going to serve any request, it just install the hApp as a normal agent and introduce himself as a full-node backup of DHT.

Does holoport support this scenario?
How this configuration goes to hApp DNA?

Notice: a possible question would be, what is the benefit of this scenario than normal way of Holoport? why all members are not just sending a reuqest to Holoport to use hApp?

1- If Holoport at my home is down for any reason, family members can continue use the hApp in a P2P fashion without problem.(I don’t want to have more than one Holoport)
2- The request is not travelling the cycle of Holoport resolver so I can install any unofficial hApp at my own risk.

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I do like this idea, and I think it’s perfectly feasible — a hApp installed on a HoloPort will have its own ‘host instance’ running in addition to any user instances it hosts. The only thing I don’t know about is whether the host instance can set itself up as a full-DHT-indexing node. I guess that if you set the resilience factor high enough, everyone would always have a copy of everyone else’s data, including the HoloPort. Whether that’s a bad thing depends on how much data is being produced :slight_smile:

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