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Examples of Community Governance

Following on from discussions involving governance, accountability, conflict resolution and seeing some non-English posts which can cause issues if you are not fully aware of what people are posting especially as the laws for sites with user-generated content are getting quite strict on this I thought it would be useful to gather examples of how other communities handle such things.

I have been in the Drupal world so linking that here, I have quite a few views about how it works and doesn’t work of course as many do, but I do think it is important to think about whatever future direction there is, so whilst I was hesitant to post this thinking others will say “who the hell does he think he is, it’s not his position to do this!”, well it’s on my mind which means it must mean something so here we are.

Apart from Drupal I believe I heard the way Joomla did their ‘circles’ was good, I like a lot of the interesting ones coming out of the co-operative world and the platform co-operatives. And I’m not a gamer but from what I’ve seen that world is full of pain.




I thought this session on community governance would be appropriate to post here too, I had linked it in the post I linked to above with regards to how these rules are created:

Feel free to post any relevant links and sessions you know/hear/find and any thoughts you have on the subject!