Error: "YAML serialization error: missing field `roles`"

Hi all,

I am currently struggling to install holochain scaffolding on a macbook M1. I had problems with the nix-shell installation but I think everything is working now.
Now, I have a problem that I don’t know if it is related or not (hence the intro). The problem is when I run “npm start”:

Wrote bundle /Users/aitor/holochain/app/dna/workdir/dna_app.dna
Error: YAML serialization error: missing field roles

Caused by:
missing field roles

Do you have any idea what is going on? Many thanks.

This would originate in a version mismatch.
The happ yaml file format changed, it used to be ‘slots’ and now it’s ‘roles’.
Double check the version of holochain that your code was meant to be compatible with, and compare that with the version of your hc command line tool.
hc --version

Hi Connoropolous, thanks a lot, I am trying to uninstall to start again and I am struggling now with nix again, hopefully, when I get back there your solution will help me,