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Error with first exercise

I just tried to run the EXERCISE

  1. Open a terminal in developer-exercises folder.
  2. Enter the nix-shell by running: nix-shell
    3.You should run this in the folder containing the default.nix file*
  3. Go to folder with the exercise 1.basic/0.zome-functions/exercise
  4. Compile and test your code: cd tests && npm install && npm run build.
  5. Inspect the Rust compiler error

However the errors I’m getting aren’t expected.

First I’m getting a bunch of depreciation warnings including a "spurious network error: failed to mmap. could not write data: Permission denied; class-0s
Then there is an error - fild to get 'chrono; as a dependency of package 'exercise v0.0.1 () Caused by: failed to fetch ‘GitHub - rust-lang/crates.io-index: Registry index for crates.io’ Caused by: failed to mmap. could not write data: Permission denied; class-0s

npm ERR! errno 101
npm ERR! [email protected] build: 'cd … && CARGO_TARGET_DIR=target cargo build --release --target wasm32-unknown-unknown
npm ERR! Exit status 101

I’m on Windows with Ubuntu 20.24LS

I believe I followed all previous steps in Holochain Gym. Just wondering if the GYM exercises have been tested/ran in a Windows environment (because of the warnings makes me think maybe not)

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Some more info…

if I don’t use the nix-shell I can “cargo build” successfully. however in the nix-shell I get these permissions errors.

Okey so this is interesting… Are you saying that you are running nix-shell inside an Ubuntu WSL right?

The Gym is using the same setup of every other holochain project with the holonix environment by @steveeJ . I know that @ddd-mtl has experience with that environment, any clues here Damien?

Yes I’m running nix-shell inside an ubuntu wsl

I gave up a long time ago…

Any suggestions for Holochain development in a Windows env?