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Enterprise hosting with Holochain?

Could Holo and holochain be viable as a could solution for today’s businesses?
I am going about new ways to provide IT and cloud services as services and would love to know what you think.

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Yes, although the focus does seem to me to be to ‘build back better’ ~ i.e. let’s not just recreate the current systems because what got us here won’t take us there.

So, developing in Holochain is an opportunity to re-think current business in terms of what value it provides and re-engineer in order to not repeat the destructive patterns of the present and the past!

That is absolutely true.
I was just thinking of offering it as a service with its immense benefits to corps.
Nothing transformational yet, but a good first step.
What would it take to set up something like that?

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Find a paying customer & I’ll give you an answer :wink:

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