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Enterprise consortium networks

Is it possible to create isolated enterprise consortium blockchain networks using Holochain nodes? I mean can I install Holochain on a number of VMs in the cloud and create a isolated enterprise consortium network such as we do with Hyperledge Fabric or Hyperledger Besu (Enterprise Etherium) or Corda? I would like to deploy happs running only on Holochain nodes that are owned by consortium members only. So detached from the other (public) Holochain nodes. So validators and replicas are guaranteed to be on nodes that are runned by the consortium.

There is no one global Holochain network. Every app is its own network, so what you’re asking is functionality right out of the box.

Check out the concept of membranes we use in the Holochain ecosystem. Basically, it’s about how to manage entry and exit of participants.

Thanks for clarifying. So for example if I create 20 Linux VMs on AWS (5 Nodes per consortium member for a consortium of 4 members) and install Holochain on them, I can deploy a happ on that 20 node cluster and be sure that no data will get replicated to disks outside of this cluster?


As far as I understand it the holo hosting is being created to support development of Holochain which is not reliant upon holo hosting so yes you can do what you say without outside interference.

The model seems to be a little like the Apple App Store - ‘official’ apps will work on official holo hosting i.e. Holoports as the hardware is a known quantity but there’s nothing stopping anyone using any machine to host hApps.

Open Source business model creativity sure is not easy to understand sometimes!

Yes. Replication only happens between between the people who run an application.

I recommend reading the developer docs, even if they’re still changing a bit. Especially the core concepts: https://developer.holochain.org/docs/concepts/.


Hi Patrick,

Indeed data will only live on the disks connected to those VMs. If you build your holochain app (happ) dna without any membrane logic, which is some custom logic that decides who can join in, in that case if you would send me copy of your happy (dna) I would be able join in and data would also live on my disk.

This will work because at the moment all happs still connect through one public proxy server. In the future you will be able to run your own proxy server. In that case you would be able to run in perfect isolation , much like the hyper ledger scenario. You wouldn’t even need membrane logic, but it will be safer to add that.


This is a very intreresting thread for me - especially since the national bank of Sweden has chosen to do a pilot study with the corda blockchain.