DWeb Meetup -- State of the DWeb, UX design clinic, and virtual ping pong

I’m really excited about this. The brains that put together the report Decentralization Off The Shelf: 7 Maxims is hosting an online meetup and UX clinic this Wednesday (if you’re attending the Buenos Aires meetup on the same day, don’t worry; it’s at a different time).

This trio of researchers have taken a critical look at the current state of the DWeb, interviewed key players, and come up with seven recommendations that we’d do well to consider – both hApp creators and the Holochain dev team. They’re focusing on the user experience (UX) of the DWeb, gaps in our current offerings, and common patterns that seem to be coalescing out of the huge design space of peer-to-peer applications.

I was honoured to be given the chance to offer feedback on the draft. I was blown away by the quality of scholarship, the honesty, and the frank challenges to encourage us to improve our game. Definitely give the report a read, then sign up for the meetup!

(And yes, apparently there will be virtual drinks and ping pong courtesy of a tool called https://gather.town :slight_smile: )

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It was a great meetup! Gather was pretty interesting too. Also wanted to share this deep Decentralized Web Development Report by another group which was shared. They surveyed 100+ devs and other in the decentralized world. All are thought provoking and inspirational. There should be a recording of the meetup soon, which I’ll also share.

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