Dr. Zach Bush on energy and currency

Hi guys,
You may know Zach Bush, he is a MD and deep thinker in the like of Daniel Schmachtenberger or Charles Eiseinstein.

Dr. Zach Bush - Nature’s Quest for Coherence

or here :

At 1h30 :
“[cryptocurrencies], energy intensive that is out of touch with the natural design, so we are working on currencies, what a currency looks like with a natural design”

It made me thinks of Holochain/Ceptr.
He is very aligned with our philosophy.

P.S : The whole podcast is great and his take on CO2, energy, cycle, death etc… is mind-blowing.


Three of my favourite thinkers all in one place, I love it!

I appreciate all of their work deeply but discovered Zach Bush only recently so there’s a lot to dig in for me still. Thanks for sharing the podcast, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


I have also been thinking about the deep linkage between energy and currency. This is such an enormous topic that is ripe for research and investigation. We need general theories about application and implementation.