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DONE - Holo Port for sale

Hello all,

I once bought a HoloPort (indiegogo), which I received in 2020, but unfortunately I don’t get around to setting it up or working with it any further.

Therefore I would like to sell this HoloPort (HPST/1.1) at cost price of 350€.

Pick up or shipping possible.

If you are interested, please send me a message.

Best regards from Waltrop, Germany

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Hi David,

is this a ‘regular’ Holoport, not the +? Interested in a + and based in EU.

Hi! I am in EU, too. Still for sale?

Still for sale?

Hi, yes. where are you from?

yes, still for sale :slight_smile:

In Bulgaria now. Contact details?

The nethatlands. Could you send my respond to email so the contact is more private?
[email protected]

With kind regards

Mail sent.

Is no longer available.

Hi if the holo port is still for sale I am interested in purchasing it. Please let me know.