Does Holo have a strategy for content moderation? (If content moderation is needed)

Hi Dear Holonauts!

I’ve recently watched a documentary that shows the people who are exploited by big digital corporations and social media giants. Here is the documentary: Invisibles – exploitation in the digital world of work | DW Documentary

For example, Facebook “use” these people to moderate content. They deal with the content such as pornography, hate speech, violence, etc. for 8 hours per day. It reminded me whether Holo has a strategy to deal with this kind of contents. I remember Arthur once said that Holo will (and must) be sensitive to court decisions. Will it be limited to court decisions or will there be other mechanisms to prevent it before going to the court.

It would be a controversial issue if the moderation will operated by a bunch of people. Or, it is possible to say that there is no need for moderation.

To me, the team showed a clue on how they will behave in this kind of situations:

As a result, just like Amazon Web Services, Holo can shut down anything that is being hosted on its network, and in fact must prohibit illegal activity or face regulatory exposure as a service provider. So it’s false to say that Parler would not be subject to any oversight if it were hosted on Holo. Source: Holochain Blog

It’s cruical to draw the line for what will be considered as “extremist”.

Out of the topic, the documentary proves the need for Holo and Holochain. A former Apple analyst said that the microphones in Apple devices are ALWAYS OPEN. So he said that they witnessed so many private speech of the users (watch between 30 and 33 minutes of the documentary). We need Holochain.