Docker boxes name change

docker boxes built from both holonix and holochain-rust all now have the branch name in the tag

all docker tags on docker hub look like:


the owner will always be holochain

the repo will be either holochain-rust or holonix

the box is the name of the Dockerfile used to build the box e.g. Dockerfile.ubuntu from the holonix repo would be something like holochain/holonix:ubuntu.develop

the branch is the name of the branch that this docker image is tracking the HEAD of - we don’t build and push every branch, this is configured in the circle ci config for each repo

holochain-rust images contain fully “warmed” nix and cargo environments with development tooling, incremental compilation and all code built from source - many of these images are dedicated to allow faster CI test runs due to incremental compilation of the test dependencies

holonix images contain release binaries from github installed globally using nix-env and then cleaned up to reduce docker size and cruft - the exception to this is the “latest” box in holonix that is used as a base for holochain-rust and other development environments

if you are currently using holochain/holochain-rust:latest then you should use holochain/holochain-rust:latest.develop and if you are using holochain/holonix:latest you should use holochain/ for equivalent builds moving forward

the old tags without a branch are all deprecated and will be deleted from docker hub at some point, so make sure to upgrade to the box.branch tags ASAP

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