Dispatching application

I currently have an application for tracking workers/drivers out on the field. Of course it is still a classical client-server web application, where the people out on the field use android devices, send their gps position to the server and the dispatcher can see their current location and interact with them by sending work/drive orders… So far so good.
The idea of making this whole use-case serverless, because interaction takes place between the dispatcher and his workers/drivers in realtime (and keeps their data safe on their own device) really intrigues me. So far I have not come to any real dead ends if I were to implement my whole webapp (and android app part) on holochain, except for one thing, that I do not understand yet.
In my particular business case, we keep track of the worker/driver locations for approx. 30-45 days due to fiscal/accounting reasons (where they were and how long they were there)… is this part actually also able to be handled by holochain or would I still need a server to store the worker’s locations (for the last 30 days) ? I know I could query all workers that are online for their local storage, but what if I wanted to query all worker’s locations of the past X amount of days, of those that are online or offline? Currently the devices send out their GPS info every X (configurable) amount of seconds, so the whole route can be stored, which causes GBs of storage requirements on a daily basis… Would this still have to be saved on a central server?
I hope that anyone can help me out in finding a solution for this. Thanks in advance!

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@pauldaoust might be a good person to answer this?


To keep it in the terminology of Holochain: I need a decentralized Hippocampus :slight_smile:

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