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Need suggestions on how should one approach setting up their own Discourse Forum?

Context: We are working towards creating a student coder cooperative to facilitate, engage and assist students on their learning journey.

In order to achieve this one of the tool in our toolkit could be a forum. Thus need suggestions on following:

  1. Should we approach Discourse organization for a paid service? Which could cost us $50 a month. (Resources we may not have or would not like to commit)
  2. Should we DIY from Discourse open source code has made available on their site?

The reason we ask is following:

  • Resource constraints
  • Adherence to Learning by Doing philosophy
  • Customize / tailor to our needs

Stuff we would like to learn:

  • Difficulty in DIY
  • Hosting or other technical consideration
  • Cost Benefit analysis
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Hi @erlend_sh assuming you have a better prespective on this since you have been nurturing community and have been associated with Discourse organization. Appreciate your help.

You can apply for free Discourse hosting here:


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Hi erlend_sh, I am a 13 year old looking to create a forum for my business with discourse although I am not getting approved to start a forum because I do not have a website and I am just starting a Kickstarter campaign. Do you have any tips on how I could get access to discourse? Thank you.