Directed hyperedges for links?

This is a 2am showerthought and I should sleep and come back to this later, but I’m investigating interesting ways to track flows with relational currencies. I wonder how hard it would be to implement directed hyperedges to relate multiple head and tail entries simultaneously with a single link. The link can be updated to incorporate more or less entry nodes.

In fact, I guess you’d just make a hyperedge an entry in the first place and then link head and tail nodes to/from it. Never mind

Looks like you answered your own question? :slight_smile: Let us know how this works out for you in terms of implementing the idea.

heh, I was gonna suggest the same thing too — in the absence of being able to create ‘true’ hyperedges, just create a ‘join entry’ in the middle to hang the links on. Glad to hear you came across the same idea :slight_smile: