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Digital environment for material commons-based peer production - with Sensorica


Build a digital environment for the Sensorica OVN (open value network), hosted on Holo. This environment will lead to a generic template, composed of basic modules, which can be used, remixed and branded for other applications, allowing them to link with other existing applications (including Sensorica) in a fractal way, enabling locally adaptive flows of resources, incentives, agents.

Incentives for Holo and Holochain developers

  • Get paid for contributing to this initiative.
  • Acquire a stake in Sensorica projects.
  • Increase the visibility of Holo by leveraging Sensorica’s klout with over a decade of development of material peer production practices.
  • Sensorica and its peer production practices can lead to a killer hApp on Holo, making the network more valuable and, in the short run, increase the value of HOT.
  • Perhaps the best use case for HoloREA.

Read the full proposal here

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I’m an accountant with interest in REA (been reading a bit on this topic), how can I contribute with this interesting initiative?


You should ping @lynnfoster or @pospi - I guess they can answer your question how you can engage

Hi @redmonski , we’d be happy to explore that with you. What would be the best way based on what you know so far?

A brief sketch of the landscape might help to start thinking about it:

  • Sensorica is currently using an application called NRP (Network Resource Planning, or ERP for networks) that is based on REA, which was started back in 2012. It was done as a working prototype, and does work, but is showing many signs of age.
  • Sensorica’s application, along with others, was input to an implementation-level REA vocabulary called Valueflows, starting around 2015. Although Valueflows was created in the software community, it is also in frequent communication with the academic REA accounting community. (And Bill McCarthy has even visited Sensorica. :slight_smile: )
  • Holo-REA is a Holochain based application framework intended to be used as a generic “backend” for various REA-based economic applications. It exposes the Valueflows vocabulary for different user interfaces for that purpose. All of this will involve accounting.
  • Sensorica has been interested in Holochain for some time. As you see in this thread, they are now actively looking for collaboration to replace their old NRP with a new REA-based distributed application.
  • This is part of a growing software ecosystem intended to support distributed economic networks which can communicate using Valueflows/REA.
  • There are a few conversations going on specifically related to how REA feeds standard accounting reports from operational data.

I’ve read McCarthy’s paper and also came across Valueflows, back when I was researching on triple-entry accounting. I guess I can be of help on developing the Holo-REA framework as it involves accounting.


A related blog post mentioning triple-entry accounting, distributed ledgers, and Holochain

@redmonski do you have any knowledge of or experience with this kind of thing - SEEA, Material Flow Accounting? Or other methods to account for environmental impacts?