Team Size: 1

Hedayat: @hedayat

Description: I would like to implement something like Smart-Contract that I believe is not the same as traditional meaning of Smart-Contract. This digital contract can be used mainly as 2 parties contracts(Employee/Employer, or State management, or etc)


Similar app or site: Ethereum

I am at…

Design and implementation: I implemented the prototype. So I just stopped because of issue in holochain core. so I need to find another way and continue.

Skills: rate yourself from 0 - 10

  • Holochain knowledge: I can implement a non-complex holochain application.

  • Front-End: Typescript(7), Javascript(7), JQuery(7), LitElement(3)

  • Back-End: Rust(6), NodeJs(5),

  • UI/UX: CSS(6), Photoshop(3),

  • Others: Scrum Master(8), Team Management(7)


3 Hours per week

What do I need:

  • Multi signature entry
  • Multi provenance entry.