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Developer Community Collaboration Call #1

Learn and collaborate with us and others!

Audience: Developers, project owners, potential docs and core code contributors.

Host: Holochain Dev Empowerment Team (@dntnetwork, @pauldaoust, @freesig, klaymore)

Objective: To create opportunities for effective collaboration, increase visibility, and empower meaningful contribution to the Holochain Ecosystem.

Focus Areas:

  • Collaboration: Learn-App Development-Contribute to Holochain (hands on)
  • Standards, Best Practices, Code Sharing
  • Project: demo, sharing, or deep dive
  • Bugs/Feedback

These meeting will take place on Thursdays at 4PM EST (9PM UTC).
Please complete this quick poll.

  • Thursday, 1/30 @ 4PM EST
  • Thursday, 2/6 @ 4PM EST
  • Thursday, 2/13 @ 4PM EST

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If possible, please complete the poll by Wednesday, 1/22.
Meeting frequency: potentially bi-weekly or every three weeks depending on demand.
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@dhtnetwork, is this happening tonight?


@kristofer oh gee, we didn’t update anybody on this; I’m sorry! Our thoughts were to hold off on setting a date for the first call, until the dev cam is in full swing, and bring it up in a dev camp call where there’s likely to be a lot of people who can help facilitate these meetings. (Have I got my facts straight @bear @carolyn?) I also wanna open it up to this group; is anyone interested in taking leadership over these calls? I think we’d like it to be a collaborative effort so we’re not leaning on the generosity of any one leader


Facts are right.

@kristofer - if you want to hold this, that would be fantastic, and we could even offer it to devcampers if that’s appropriate. I’m going to DM you my details if you want to chat about it by voice-!

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