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DevCamp8 Announcement

DevCamp is back!

Learn how to build decentralized, scalable applications with Holochain! Our next session of the six week, volunteer-run online Holochain Developer training is starting the week of June 28th.


June 29 - August 5

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 13:00-14:30 UTC

There will be additional support sessions in US and Asia-Pacific time zones (subject to demand).

Who is it for?

In this DevCamp we’ll be stepping through a lot of code, so we particularly want to hear from developers who:

  • have decentralized app ideas and are looking for an appropriate platform & framework
  • want to try Rust but don’t have an interesting project to use it in
  • have been playing with blockchain, but realised its limitations
  • want to learn about architecting and designing decentralized, scalable systems

What will we be working on?

During DevCamp 8 we’re going to be building a multiplayer game: “Tragedy of the Holocommons”

We will bring every economist’s favorite game to life as a Holochain app! The heart of this game is a demonstration of consensus-seeking in an eventually consistent environment - a crucial part of building any decentralized application, with little adjustments to make it more fun and cool!

Of course, we’ll also cover all the other essential building blocks of a Holochain application.

Tech stack:

  • Rust (backend)
  • Lit (UI)

How does it work?

Each week we will host two live sessions that include live coding and Q&A. In these we’ll cover:

  • Basics of Rust for Holochain development
  • Dev environment configuration
  • App architecture and data model
  • App building blocks
  • Holochain ecosystem overview

All sessions will be recorded and posted. A dedicated Discord server and support calls will be set up for participants to connect across time zones

Cost: Free

Apply here: https://holochain.typeform.com/to/VYWuA25l

DevCamp8 team: @guillemcordoba @tixel @qubeo @lchang @nphias @alexoceann @sidsthalekar @petersgrandadventure @robot5x @e-nastasia @harlan



Hope you safe out there. I have registered for the dev camp on May 21st. I would like to know when will I get the confirmation to attend the same and is it limited seats only?

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Also wanted to throw in a note here that I joined, but the email link to the group tells me that the group is private and I can’t see it.

Hi Sibis!

Thank you for posting. At this point the team sends out batches of invitations every 1~ weeks. You should receive response soon if you are admitted! :slight_smile:


Dear Devcamp Team,
I just signed up for the devcamp. It gives me an incentive to finally learn Rust. I would love to organise a small remote bootcamp to learn rust together in a group. Would it be possible to send the following message to all people that signed up for the devcamp?

Dear Holochain Devcamp Applicant,
Are you a developer who is currently not familiar with Rust, and looking to learn it as preparation for the Holochain Devcamp in September? If so, let’s teamup and learn together (remotely), its so much more fun. Does the following sound exciting to you:

  • we pick a course / tutorial and create a learning schedule.
  • we dedicate every weekend in August (saturday or sunday, whatever works best) 8 - 10 hours of our time to learn rust
  • we do this for 5 weekends (31July, 7Aug, 14Aug, 21Aug, 28Aug), no excuses :slight_smile:
  • we connect through google hangouts, slack and brodcast our sessions on twitch (remotely)
  • we help each other and try to explain the concepts, depending on the course we may solve problems together by pair programming
  • ideally our group should be around 2-4 people

If that sounds exciting, please drop send me a message [email protected]. I’m a berlin based fullstack developer (find me on github: dcts (dcts) · GitHub).

Looking forward to hear from you!


Such a cool idea, @dcts!

I’m not sure I would be able to commit to all of those five weekends, but I’d love to participate if that weren’t a requirement. However, if you’re clear on that that’s the format you want, then I’d rather have other learners participate and contribute more fully than I can.

Hey @bierlingm
I teamed up with 1 person from UK so far, we are currently building a schedule and ressources in a shared notion workspace, totally feel free to join us, would be great! No worries if you can’t commit to all dates.

Heres the notion workspace invite link (should be admin rights so you can contribute too):

Of course everyone else also feel free to join :slight_smile:


@petersgrandadventure just curious, is it possible to send out an email to all participants of the devcamp 8 with my message from above? Would be really cool if we get some more participants. And since we already start in 7 days (31.7.21) it is a bit short noticed, please let me know. ^^

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I dcts,

I just applied to the DEvCamp8, I am waiting for their response. Meanwhile, Could I join to your study group?

Seconding this and hope another ping from me helps bring this idea to the attention of our dear organizers – @carolyn, @petersgrandadventure, etc. :smiley:

Thanks, Thomas!

Unfortunately the invite link, once clicked, says “expired token”. Could you create a new one, or send one to [email protected]?

:hammer_and_wrench: Rust Bootcamp Announcement :fire:

Everyone who is interested in learning Rust with us, feel free to join. If you want to attend the bootcamp simply follow these steps

The first session is on Saturday, 31.7.2021 8am UTC, you can join here:

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on slack or [email protected]. Looking forward to meet you all :slight_smile:


hey @aitor, happy to have you on board in our rust learning group. See my message above for all detailed information :slight_smile: Let me know if you have any questions or ideas etc!

@bierlingm send you an email :slight_smile:

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