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DevCamp8 Announcement

DevCamp is back!

Learn how to build decentralized, scalable applications with Holochain! Our next session of the six week, volunteer-run online Holochain Developer training is starting the week of June 28th.


June 29 - August 5

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 13:00-14:30 UTC

There will be additional support sessions in US and Asia-Pacific time zones (subject to demand).

Who is it for?

In this DevCamp we’ll be stepping through a lot of code, so we particularly want to hear from developers who:

  • have decentralized app ideas and are looking for an appropriate platform & framework
  • want to try Rust but don’t have an interesting project to use it in
  • have been playing with blockchain, but realised its limitations
  • want to learn about architecting and designing decentralized, scalable systems

What will we be working on?

During DevCamp 8 we’re going to be building a multiplayer game: “Tragedy of the Holocommons”

We will bring every economist’s favorite game to life as a Holochain app! The heart of this game is a demonstration of consensus-seeking in an eventually consistent environment - a crucial part of building any decentralized application, with little adjustments to make it more fun and cool!

Of course, we’ll also cover all the other essential building blocks of a Holochain application.

Tech stack:

  • Rust (backend)
  • Lit (UI)

How does it work?

Each week we will host two live sessions that include live coding and Q&A. In these we’ll cover:

  • Basics of Rust for Holochain development
  • Dev environment configuration
  • App architecture and data model
  • App building blocks
  • Holochain ecosystem overview

All sessions will be recorded and posted. A dedicated Discord server and support calls will be set up for participants to connect across time zones

Cost: Free

Apply here: https://holochain.typeform.com/to/VYWuA25l

DevCamp8 team: @guillemcordoba @tixel @qubeo @lchang @nphias @alexoceann @sidsthalekar @petersgrandadventure @robot5x @f00bar42 @harlan



Hope you safe out there. I have registered for the dev camp on May 21st. I would like to know when will I get the confirmation to attend the same and is it limited seats only?

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Also wanted to throw in a note here that I joined, but the email link to the group tells me that the group is private and I can’t see it.

Hi Sibis!

Thank you for posting. At this point the team sends out batches of invitations every 1~ weeks. You should receive response soon if you are admitted! :slight_smile: