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Dev Pulse 99: Alpha Program on HoloPorts

Yesterday we announced the HoloPort Alpha Program, where HoloPort owners can earn in HoloFuel just for leaving their machines on. (I’m not kidding! Go read the announcement! There are some uptime requirements, and it might not be available in all countries, but that’s about it.)

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/dev-pulse-99-alpha-testing-on-holoports/

I have a question about the program. It will be paid in HoloFuel and the amount will be 10k HF.

What if the price of one HF would be 1$ when the mainnet delivered? Would it be still 10k HF? There was an information at the end of the annoucement such that “The stipend amount may change from time to time if there are material changes to the HOT price” but I wonder how it will be calculated.

Congratulations for the project, I love it.

I would like instal a HPOS in a computer (Linux), but I dont sure how I can install it in standard computer.

It is not clear for me, sorry… my english it is not so good.

Could you send me what is the page with instructions?

Best regards,


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Dear David, at this time DIY / self-built HoloPorts aren’t supported by Holo. There is a repository you can check out, but it is unlikely you’ll succeed in setting up the image – that said, you are free to try: