Dev Camp 7 Current-See

Inviting students of the @CommonsEngine Currency Design Course and DAO Leadership’s “The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be” to apply their new knowledge by building temporary and targeted currencies in the Holochain community that advance the collective intentions. (@Aryabhatta, @polyannie01, @kerrgreg)

Below is the proposed first currency in a constellation or cluster of currencies that will create Holochain capable coders.

Dev Camp 7 Currency

Currency Constellation: Building Holochain Coders

Currency Outputs: 1 student attend Holochain-community’s Dev Camp 7. Have student’s experience documented on social media.

Currency Lifecycle: Begins with token creation in the mutual credit app and ends with student attending course and fulfilling social media content/documentation requirements. Approx 7 weeks.

Currency Parameters: 10 points for setting up social media accounts (Patreon, Medium, Twitter/Periscope, Youtube, etc). 15 points after attending Dev Camp sessions and publishing notes on social media profiles as validation and meta-story telling.

Currency Constellation

Constellations as a strategy: Change the framework of problems by highlighting associated flows in a continuous and overlapping manner. Saturating the problem space with targeted, temporary and easily adjustable currencies will have lasting impact.

First Star: Dev Camp 7 Currency for India-based coder to attend course. Approx 7 week currency. Star can be replicated and scaled to other coders.

Artifact and Cross Pollination Dev Camp 7 Currency holders will gain early access to the work requirements for the proposed @polyannie01 hApp.


Sounds interesting… I’m attending the dev camp and would love to take part… :pray::blush::heart:


Unfortunately or Fortunately… :slight_smile:

Our inexperienced beginners @Anil_kumar or @Anjana will be unable to take part in DevCamp #7 - #28 by Aryabhatta instead @kerrgreg @polyannie01 and myself will have to work with them offline if we could do something similar with following:

Build on Holochain:

Session 1 2020-08-05T13:30:00Z (1 hour)
Session 2 2020-08-12T13:30:00Z (1 hour)

This opens up space for others ( @dellams , @xelius ) to help out, volunteer in helping us get this flow started… for there are roughly 60 - 70 participants whom we would categorize as Experienced Developers who are getting familiar with “Rust and Holochain” and we need to tell their Story, so they could further contribute in building holochain and associated tools or support the larger ecosystem in developing hApps etc or build the meta Narrative our society needs… :innocent:


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