Delete option (Recycle Bin)

A new DNA only for deleted entries, means when an agent deletes an entry, he has to index it first in this DNA, according to which other validating agents update their own databases if it is deleted, they won’t further replicate or if it was earlier, then they delete it from the storage, when they come online. This way I can think the delete option can be implemented, what do you think?

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Yeah sounds interesting idea and sounds like it would work. What about un-delete?

Would this be a soft or hard delete?

I think there is already a ‘soft delete’ method available:

In current implementation it’s soft delete, means when you delete an entry it’s just marked as ‘deleted’, but actually it isn’t removed from the storage. It’s also not possible to stop replication, as the resilience factor is always maintained within the DHT. When a new HC (DHT) will be there,it can collect all the deleted entries and control further replication, even when a requester searches an entry if it is within the delDNA, the response will be ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ though it may take time to completely remove from the all agents who hold that entry. It can also be revert back (un-delete), in that case the entry is posted as fresh and maintains the same position in the author’s local source chain. I think a big thing can be achieved, you can delete an entry automatically after a certain period, i.e. after 24 hours