Decentralized search engine

hi guys,

We are developing a decentralized search engine for web2&3 . We believe that for the decentralization movement it is important to have a decentralized search engine, run by a network of nodes in which anybody can join, and whose ranking algorithms are open source and open for contribution of anyone interested. Features of the solution we are developing : 1. operations such as data ingestion, indexing, ranking , query service are performed by a decentralized network of nodes, similar to the Ethereum network 2. rank delivery is checked by a consensus mechanism, and is recorded on a DAG 3. interested parties are allowed to advertise on the system; advertisements are backed by a chain code, that distributes revenue to node maintains an users 4. users are allowed to store their encrypted search data and reveal it for analysis for monetary compensation. We believe that this solution can generate substantial revenue for node maintainers, analogous to the revenue of Ethereum nodes. At the moment we have a prototype which we can use for stage 1 of the project : full web scan and construction of seed url namespace. We are building our community and financial incentive structure based on native Knowledge Coin. We will be open sourcing the software soon, in addition to the basic software already in our public github. We are also building our team. If you are interested in running a node or participating in development please contact us.