Decentralized ERP (SAP, Odoo)

Looking for decentralization I came across Flux, Akash, Eosio, Ever and noticed they are about the same current story. May be Eosio is closer to a decentralized “brain”.
My app Idea is to build a modular ERP 100% decentralized may be a combination of Odoo+SAP+Holochain, I think this is a big opportunity (like the one SAP had 50 years ago with R2 and it first customer Chevron) while all tokens/crypto projects are focused on speculation, NFT and metaverse. VET and LINK seams to solve some integration issues using the blockchain but not the ERP it self.

You will definitely be interested in and Holo-REA ( GitHub - h-REA/hREA: A ValueFlows / REA economic network coordination system implemented on Holochain & GraphQL ) if you haven’t come across them yet.

I think they are the direction some of this community is envisioning for how we can build the kind of networked ERP system you’re describing.


Thank you very much for the links, REA & system dynamics are very interesting building blocks but I was referring to something already adopted but to be run in Holochain. I think technically everything is possible but the key is the adoption and that could take decades. I think Holochain has a good idea of application decentralization using the p2p but due to the fact the interchange of information is feeless i don’t see the incentive for the adoption. The ERP systems can be improved yes, but after more than 50 years I think everything was already invented in that area, the value flow algorithms are there. The Current problem is integration, TCO and maintenance something that Holochain can solve without re-writing everything from scratch (At least now to get adoption). Thanks again,

I’m a big fan of Holo-REA and looking forward to another conversation this week with a business partner about how we have the opportunity to “Build Back Better” for want of a better phrase now that we have the technology to do so.

My first programming job was RPG for IBM AS/400s at JBA ERP in Birmingham back in 1991 when Whirlpool acquired Philips so I was dropped in at the deep end in terms of integrating systems and probably as a result of that my career since then has focused on integrated, modular and scalable web apps.

What interests me about this discussion is why you would want to do this when for a start life is way too short to spend it essentially rebuilding the systems that led us to this place for the organisations that have largely failed us.

Back slightly less years in 1999 when I was pitching for the Volkswagen UK website project to build the world’s first online car configurator with our unheard of RemoteApps J2EE modular web app framework I was up against two of the largest consultancies in the world whose only option was to resell off-the-shelf packages X and Y along with integration costs A and B resulting in inflexible solution Z, I found it easy to point out the benefits of starting from an integrated framework of the core functionality required and growing from there.

Looking back, perhaps I had the benefit of naivety but I’ve never been afraid to say how it is, and in that instance it rewarded well and it’s one of many projects I’m proud of being a part of. Another is the National Theatre where I was also honest with the customer however the agency I was hired by wanted me to essentially lie and profess that the packages they could resell were better.

Thing is, I care more about our National Theatre than the admittedly nice daily rate I was getting paid (for clarity, I was hired as a Drupal consultant, not to sell their warez!) and I only bring it up here because I wonder when I read this whether your strategy is coming from a place of fear or a place of love.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day to play with and have the opportunity here to step a little closer to getting it right this time and it seems a shame to not have the opportunity of your time to assist in the realisation of that preferential agenda.

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I think we should split this topic into Holo-REA which I’m very interested in AND another topic to wrap and decentralize the current ERP apps in a way that companies can gradually migrate their processes into Holo based ERPs and may be also using Holo REA algos as well. We sometimes get very techy and forget that companies look for profit and this is why huge number of corporations have their CIO/CTO under the CFO.
This is not a question of what we did in the past but what can we do that make HOLO adopted faster and first by the biggies.

First a point of clarification - Holochain is the topic of discussion on these forums, Holo is the hosting currency and they have their own discussion forums somewhere I believe. So my answers come from the viewpoint of encouraging Holochain adoption and nothing to do with any kind of currency.

Is fast and first adoption by the biggies the goal of the project, or your personal goal? Personally I’m not really interested in helping to perpetuate the current system so don’t align with that view, which I also don’t see as “techie”. If they’re interested in profit then the last thing they will want to do is sink billions into recreating the systems they have at the moment.

I know for a fact they would rather spend money on hiring people to answer telephone calls about IT problems than fix the problems because the problems are so big it’s cheaper to do it that way, so they’re also highly unlikely to rebuild the same stuff.

ATEOTD, it’s all Free/Libre Open Source Software so you’re free to start a project to do what you envisage and I wish you all the best in your endeavours, I just simply don’t see the point but that’s fine, plenty of people don’t see the point of my views either so it’s my job to change that if I want to.

If you can provide some research, stats, evidence, etc. that what you suggest is true that might help you grow a following but even then from experience I’d say make a sale and you’ll have no problem finding people to hire to build whatever you want, because right now $$$s do the talking!

@mattyg @stephenpurkiss thanks for the kind words about Valueflows and Holo-REA.

@stephenpurkiss back in the JBA ERP days I was working for one of your competitors, which got sold and resold and eventually ended up as part of SSA (if you remember them: another JBA competitor). In the 1990’s I was working on a skunkworks project for that old ERP company to redesign ERP systems. This was the first product that got released: Quick Response Engine - Wikipedia

Then they canned the rest of the project, but we quit and retired and went on to develop Valueflows and Holo-REA (and before that, Sensorica’s NRP (not for enterprises, for networks)). Sensorica is back looking at Holochain to develop their next NRP, too.

That VW configurator seems pretty good, too. Can we add something like that to the mix?