I got introduced to Decentr today via a comment on a post that I published on Energy Central about commoning energy grids:

Has anyone heard of it before and what do they think of it?

I am currently reading through their white paper. The proposed blockchain integration raises flags in my mind but it’s too early to make a call yet—could still be promising.

While there are many potential applications with Decentr (which plans to use Holochain) using the economic model with payable data value, deconomics, proof of engagement, and cooperative game theory (read the white paper for details), I think that a very urgent and important one is to provide a tool for climate accounting, to incentivise the uptake of renewable energy, disincentivise continued usage of fossil fuels; and incentivise energy conservation, energy, efficiency, demand response, electric transport, and other climate mitigation and emissions absorption actions. I’m interested in developing this further, although am not very risk tolerant with regards to starting a startup and raising funds, at the moment, as I don’t have much savings, and was laid off this Monday. I’m leaning towards holding a job for a few years before considering starting a startup.