DAOs: Why Sovereign Accountable Commons Might Be Better

Mutual accountability between the individual and the community attempts to balance the following contradictions:

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/daos-why-sovereign-accountable-commons-might-be-better/

This is a very important essay as we navigate the turbulent waters of progressive decentralization. I’m glad that it does not seek to denigrate blockchain-based efforts, which have been instrumental for developing collective wisdom on how and how not to decentralize.

Key quote:

… SACs would not do away with Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) but rather provide a foundation for them to build on. DAO structures allow for action external to the collective of people making up the organization. They use contracts to form into an entity in the same manner as corporations, simply substituting legal contracts with smart contracts. Like other organizations a lot of their day-to-day activities happen outside the sphere of those contracts. In contrast, SACs allow for accountability and action internal to the group, across all platforms. This emphasizes the day-to-day while minimizing the role of contracts, only implementing them when strictly needed.

Note, the essay refers at times to consent, determination and codification without looking into details such as its references to “consensus, a representative vote, or otherwise”. Nor should it digress that way, but of course that leaves lots of ground for people (including me) who focus on inclusive decision process and policy.

Thanks very much Collin and Eric for this key work!