Currency that makes more currencies

Inviting students of the @CommonsEngine Currency Design Course and DAO Leadership’s “The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be” to apply their new knowledge by building temporary and targeted currencies in the Holochain community that advance the collective intentions.

Below is the proposed first currency in a constellation or cluster of currencies that will create hApps–a flow that generates flows, if you will.

The @polyannie01 Current-See is a digitally formalized procedure to create the @polyannie01 hApp.

We (@Aryabhatta, @polyannie01, @kerrgreg) hope to capture the flow of creating flows with temporary and targeted currencies; starting with @polyannie01’s hApp.

Currency Constellation: Currency of more Currencies// Flows on Flows

Currency Outputs: A flow that creates more flows

Currency Lifecycle: Lifecycle should ebb and flow as coding capabilities and RAD tools improve. Lifecycle of the currency will also depend on complexity of the hApp. Currency starts when value is injected and it closes when hApp reaches a minimal desired usership.

Currency Parameters: Steps of planning, coding and launching a hApp will be rewarded and tracked.

Currency Constellation: Flows on Flows

Constellations as a strategy: Change the framework of problems by highlighting associated flows in a continuous and overlapping manner. Saturating the problem space with targeted, temporary and easily adjustable currencies will have lasting impact.

First Star: Polyannie hApp.


this is a brilliant idea!

what is the driving force behind the metagenerator of currencies?

perhaps choosing one priority/value or constraint and then letting a system/currency evolve from that point?

perhaps changing one component of an existing currency and evolving it into a whole new currency?

in general, this is great though! because we need to be able to play with a vast number of currencies, perhaps mix and match… and to be able to quickly “create” the currency we need in the context we need it through the (polyannie) metacurrency generator…



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