Creating Capacities for our communities

I tried to create a crude view of my contexts and how I would want to equip them using Holochain.

Would love any feedback on if and how this lands for people :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant, @ViktorZaunders ! Loved the examples…you really helped me understand some Holochain concepts I needed to grasp.

I’ll be digging into your links and thinking to deepen my understanding. This is a rich, wonderful article. THANK YOU!


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Thanks @MsAnita I am glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

@ViktorZaunders I loved this article, it gave me a lot of food for thought about how to visualize agent-centric UX. And some ideas on how to build using “kits” that users could assemble into (sometimes connected) apps for their world. We definitely want to do that. I especially liked that you used concrete examples and actual visuals, instead of just hand waving. :seedling:


@ViktorZaunders - very good explanation your ideas about communitiy apps - very helpful in understanding the modularity and possibilies of holochain in real life

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Glad you liked it @lynnfoster

Yeah, I am looking forward into diving deeper into that visualization too. I’ve started sketching a little on what a UI for a village app might look like and how it might work in a modular way. At least in a way where adding and removing functionality feels like it is not ugly :slight_smile:

Kits → apps seems super interesting. I’ve been speaking some with Guillem about trying to do some of the capacities, like the libraries and sharing tools in REA too, we are just starting to get a little deeper into hREA explorations :slight_smile:

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Glad you got that out it @Dudism, that is really what I was trying to bring some visibility to :slight_smile: Can’t wait to take this kind of stuff for a spin in the hopefully not too distant future!