Create an App that can store and sync Tabs (ChordPro format) and setlists for Music Bands

We currently use a paid app called GuitarTapp Pro and it kinda suits our needs at the moment. At our last gig we discovered the vulnerability of the central storage at the company we bought the app from (845Tools). At the time we were making the final adjustments the server went offline and we couldn’t sync anymore. It was not terrible but it showed us how dependent we were with this app. So the idea arose to create our own app. The best 2 ways I could think of are

  1. A web application that runs in the browser with some local storage.
  2. A native app that stores locally

Technology for me would be .Net C# with ASP.Net or Xamarin and of course the Holo network for syncing data.

Would this be feasible?


Hi @PaulSinnema, I’m curious have you tried to create a POC for this idea?

This seems feasible with Holochain.
In terms of technology, you can select whatever front end language works for you. In terms of back end, you will want to start with Rust.

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If you have other functional requirements, feel free to share them and we can review the information.

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i just came across this post. I’m working on this! I’ve been a Guitar Pro 4 user since 2005.

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