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Countersigning or Multi-Signature Entry in Holochain - with Sequence Diagram and drawing. (HiA 25)

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:57 Agenda of session
00:03:00 What is countersigning
00:08:10 Job contract use case of countersigning
00:10:30 Elo Chess use case of countersigning
00:13:49 countersigning in the real world banking system
00:15:48 brief explanation about countersigning parts in HDK
00:16:56 countersigning in Elo Chess code review
00:31:40 countersigning sequence diagram
00:50:59 countersigning for private entry or hidden content
00:52:02 countersigning explained with drawing
00:58:49 why we need to lock Sourcechain in countersigning
01:03:24 countersigning failed scenario sequence diagram
01:07:30 mapping sequence diagram to HDK functions
01:12:48 what is happening to the coming requests when Sourcechain is lock in countersigning
01:13:55 Ending

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