Could Matrix move to Holochain? Explore effort duplication in pro-social networking

I would like to see a discussion of the scope of the problem that an organization like Matrix is trying to solve. There seems to be a lot of overlap in building a distributed privacy-centric communication at Matrix with what I think is more traditional networking constraints at the protocol level, and what (I think) Holochain is trying to accomplish in trying to redesign a new protocol down to the hardware layer. Matrix even added a P2P component so that locally hosted server instances weren’t required. See: Found on the web: "Introducing P2P Matrix"

Am I on the right track to think that Matrix is the type of protocol that might migrate to Holochain architecture in the future?

Secondary concept to this question is the social networking challenge to get social coordination at scale out of the beta, from the protocols that people are trying to build from. I see two development efforts happening currently,

Holochain is (becoming?) foundation to Hylo
(social network “Social coordination for a thriving planet” GithubOrg: Hylozoic )

Matrix is the foundation to PubHubs (social network - “Dutch community network, based on public values” GithubOrg: PubHubs)

At a high-level, there seems to be some duplication of goals here between the Bay Area and Utrect, and if I were a magical wizard, I would lock all these people in the same room to have a conversation about what we are all trying to accomplish here from these protocols, to the social networks that are trying to be established outside the mainstream.

Since I can’t do that I wanted to ask here, and see what the Holochain community thought of what seem to me like parallel efforts to create pro-social communication technologies/networks .

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Following this thread, I hope it gets some attention! I really enjoy Matrix, and I’ll need a little deeper education in the protocol, and Holochain, to add relevant points to the discussion, but I anticipate doing so in the next few months or so. Awesome stuff!