CouchSurfing on Holo

CouchSurfing is struggling to keep it’s servers running.

This awesome community would do well to move on to Holochain and Holo once it is ready for prime time. Totally in line with the ethos and made for a reputation based reality.

Would be a cool app to see how easily it would transition off of servers.


Yes indeed!! Does it keep some accounting of which people give and receive, to avoid free riders?

i wish i knew how to integrate couchsurfing and holo! :slight_smile:

I love what CouchSurfing offers to traveler community and we should find ways to support them in long run, to keep them going, though spiced to give HoloChain flavor.

Though on the side note if anyone is considering similar ideas that resonate with CouchSurfing or AirBnB or something in between, please include me. I would be more than happy to tag along and help in ideation process.

For Example: Why are we tied down to our house in a particular country? Could there be a serious service or community that gathers around the idea of Family Swap - relocating for 6 months to year to another country another home - living and experiencing a totally different culture - where neighbors help integrate, assist the visitors to feel welcomed, experience their culture and involve in their community efforts, festivals, ceremonies etc.


Not sure, I think there are recommendations from past interactions, and also how often you’ve hosted and couch surfed. But haven’t been on there for a good long while

fantastic idea!

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