Cooperative Coalescence by @Jakintosh

dear friends,

i’d like to share this exciting project by a friend of mine, @jakintosh.

Cooperative Coalescence is a new operating system for humans. It is an upgrade for your brain that helps you make sense of a complex and interconnected world, and how you fit into it.

below are some fantastic videos made by Jak. this is only the beginning of a planned series of videos, with more to come soon hopefully.

[will update this when more videos arrive]

for more, you can check out his website: Cooperative Coalescence | jakintosh

these videos are the educational/instructional/communication side of Jak’s software project ‘Coalescent Computer’:

A protocol that lets individual machines act as nodes in a coalescent, distributed, global, virtual computer — no blockchain required.

Heavily inspired by,, and

more here: GitHub - jakintosh/coalescent-computer-protocol: a set of protocols that define a decentralized global computer—no blockchain required

have fun! :dizzy:


I enjoyed your video’s and look forwards to understanding how software is going to help with those frames for cooperative coalescence. Are you building, or do you plan to build an application to help establish these frames?

Hey Adam, in a way I see these ideas as a larger container around the things I’ve learned from engaging with the Holochain community and its peers—not just around tech, but around culture and philosophy (as you saw from the video). I see Holochain is a specific implementation technology that aligns with this philosophy, but within a “Coalescent Computer” stack, I envision layers both beneath what Holochain does as well as above.

The most important element “beneath” HC would be a unified data model and translation protocol, which defines a simple language for us to create canonical data representations for any information. Higher layers would be applications that are not only built with agent-centric (or coalescent) software paradigms, but that also focus on magnifying those properties in human coordination and relationships.

I’ve got many things spinning up at varying stages of preliminary design and some in implementation, though I’ve been trying to focus most of my energy on the lowest layer lately, which is CODA (Coalescent Data, the unified data layer). One of the major “applications” I’ve spent a lot of time on over the past 18 months is something I’ve been using the placeholder name of Library, which is really just the idea of building a better version of the information-sharing aspects of the world wide web, but through a data centric and agent centric lens. I haven’t don a great job of keeping the thread updated, but I did start sharing some bits and pieces last year on the forum: “Library” (Working Title).

But to answer your question directly: Yes, there will be software and ultimately “applications” (though they will differ greatly from the current definition of the word) that accompany and help establish the individual and collective implementation of Cooperative Coalescence.