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Contribute to the Ecosystem

Holochain’s developer community thrives on collective ownership. As with any open-source project, we all benefit from each other’s contributions. The easiest place to get involved is the forum itself! Keep an eye out for unanswered questions, disruptive behavior, and people who could look like they could use some encouragement.

Contribute to Learning Resources

Many of us in the developer community started out knowing very little about distributed systems, cryptography, agent-centric paradigms, and all the other subjects that make up Holochain. As we began to get a grasp on these new ideas, we started to share our learnings with others.

If there’s something you wish you would’ve known when you started out, please share it in our #learning-library section. You can create an article, share an article you’ve published elsewhere, or help to improve our existing developer resources such as the guidebook, API docs, or #learning-library:faqs .

Contribute to Code

If you’re eager to help build Holochain itself, you can get involved at #technical:holochain-development .