Connecting with the Rust community

Continuing the discussion from We invite you to share (or continue to share) your Holochain story:

Engage with the WGs

Holochain is taking a huge bet on Rust WASM, so If you’re not already you should seriously consider getting much better acquainted with the WASM working group. They run regular meetings that are open to everyone and have open chat channels you can participate in at any time.

Form a new WG for Distributed Systems

The path to making a new working group is still not fully formalized, but it boils down to just starting to behave like a proper WG and building momentum from there.

Could possibly be a coalition group comprised of dweb, blockchain and cryptography, as they are all quite closely related.

Of course I recognize the significant commitment such an initiative would be; I’m just putting it all out there!

Participate in relevant discussions

There have been discussions on the Rust Users forum that could have benefited from the input of Holochain developers. I wonder for instance how relevant this excellent article on WASM as a Platform for Abstraction might be to what Holochain is doing.

Participate in (or produce) a podcast episode

Rustaceans Station is more like a podcast collective. You can make yourselves available for an interview with one of their regulars, but you could also produce an episode all on your own and just submit it to them for distribution.

Share the Holochain story

Holo is one of the biggest employers of open source Rust developers; surely there’s many good Rust stories to be told.

For starters, the epic saga of porting a major Go codebase to Rust has not yet been told in great detail. This would no doubt be of immense interest to the readers of /r/rust, and quite likely HN as well,


Hey @erlend_sh, thank you for all the great ideas. We appreciate the specific suggestions.

We’ll review as a team and discuss the scope/next steps.